Chad Johnson! Bengals vs Chiefs Preview, McDonalds Over Health Food & Ocho’s Best Sayings. Most Desirable HC’ing Vacancy & Mailbag.

January 28, 2022
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Chad Johhnson

Chad Johnson joins the podcast and previews the AFC Conference Championship game between the Chiefs and the Bengals. He loves Joe Burrow and how calm he stays under pressure. Chad Johnson also talks about his love for fast food and if last week's Bills v Chiefs game was better than sex?

NFL Head Coach Jobs

Chris and Macon figure out which current NFL Head Coaching vacancy is the most attractive. Plus, they answer some mailbag questions from the fans.

Episode Timestamps

(3:04) - Hello, Layup Line and Happy Retirement to Brandon Brooks.

(10:21) - Chad Johnson on I Love You, Child Please and Kiss the Baby, McDonalds Over Health Food, Bengals vs Chiefs, Joe Burrow’s Cool Factor, Deebo Samuel and Chad’s Reaction to the New Season of Ozark.

(40:10) - Sound Boards, Coolest NFL WRs and Head Coaching Hires.

(1:00:15) - Most Enticing NFL Head Coaching Vacancies Remaining and Mailbag: Best Cheese, Switching Bodies and Remaining QBs as Bar Wingmen.

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