NFC & AFC Championship Recaps with Stanford Steve! Bengals vs Rams Super Bowl in LA!

January 31, 2022
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Joe 'Cool' Burrow

Joe Burrow has ice in his veins and a few months back, Chris Long stated that he reminded him of a young Tom Brady. Big words for a young player, but so far Chris has been proven right. Joe Burrow is leading the Bengals to their 3rd Super Bowl appearance in franchise history and aiming for their first Super Bowl victory.

Tom Brady Retiring?

No one is really sure what's going on with Tom Brady's retirement announcement but we have some ideas. Dr. Fax says he is releasing an NFT or possibly in the middle of the process to retire as a Patriot. Stanford Steve thinks Brady is preparing for the next James Bond movie. Chris says Tom Brady might be releasing his own cryptocurrency. Maybe all of it is true, or none of it at all. Only time will tell what Tom Brady is up to.

Episode Timestamps

(2:47) - Hello, Layup Line and Arcades.

(15:47) - Chris, Stanford Steve, Dr. Fax and Cowboy Reid Recap the AFC Championship Comeback of the Cincinnati Bengals Over the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFC Championship Redemption Win of the LA Rams Over the San Francisco 49ers and Look Ahead to SB LVI.

(44:21) - Tom Brady Retirement Announcement Theories, Odell’s Impact on the Rams, Jimmy G Next Destination and NFL Rigged?

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