PFT! Tony Boselli! NFL Hall of Fame, Mentions of the Year & 2022 NFL Fix-It Ideas.

February 18, 2022
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Tony Boselli on his Hall of Fame Induction!

Tony Boselli becomes a member of the NFL Hall of Fame and talks about receiving a congratulatory video from his dad.

Episode Timestamps

(2:53) - Hello to MJ and Shuffle Layup Line.

(9:40) - Tony Boselli on Becoming a Member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Receiving a Congratulatory Video from His Dad, Being Introduced by Bruce Smith, Terrell Davis and Sterling Sharpe’s HOF Outlook and the Next Jaguars to Become HOFers.

(32:45) - PFT Commenter on Driving Across the Country with Billy Football, Going After Strahan's Sack Record, NFL Fix it Rules for 2022 and Mentions for the 2021 NFL Season: Hollow Man, Best and Worst Plane Ride, Fly on the Wall and More!

(1:39:26) - Who Would Win Book Review #1: Jaguar vs Skunk.

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