Rich Eisen! Juwan Howard, Being the Best Dad & Stories from ESPN. USFL Uniforms & NBA Dunk Contest.

February 22, 2022
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Rich Eisen!

Rich Eisen joins the Green Light Podcast and shares stories of the time he tried to be a stand up comedian and bombed his first show. He shares with us how nervous he was in his early days at ESPN and what Chris Berman said to him.

Episode Timestamps

(2:51) - Hello, Layup Line and Michigan Head Basketball Coach Juwan Howard’s Interaction with Wisconsin's Head Basketball Coach Greg Gard.

(22:32) - Rich Eisen on Juwan Howard, Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, Being the Best Dad, Early Stand Up Comic Days, Working With His Wife Suzy Shuster and Stories from ESPN.

(1:07:06) - Old Tweets Hurt.

(1:19:03) - Improving the NBA All Star Game Dunk Contest.

(137:15) - USFL Uniform Review.

(1:56:08) - Presidents Day.

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