Ryen Russillo! Sam Hubbard! Reaction to Brian Flores' Lawsuit & Tom Brady’s Retirement.

February 2, 2022
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Joe Burrow Swag

Joe Burrow stuns the crowd with his play on the field but also his drip off the field. From fur coats to checkered suits, we ask his teammate Sam Hubbard which Joe Burrow outfit is his favorite.

Episode Timestamps

(2:50) - Chris Reacts to Brian Flores’ Lawsuit Against the NFL.

(20:53) - Ryen Russillo on Tom Brady’s Retirement, Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington’s Announcement, and Ryen Goes Necklace Shopping.

(48:23) - Ryen Russillo Mailbag: Worst Concert Attended, Embarrassing Gym Stories and Office Characters as NFL Coaches.

(1:04:36) - Cincinnati Bengal Sam Hubbard on Bengals to the SB, AFC Championship Win Over Kansas City, Growing up a Bengals Fan, Making a Play in the Biggest Moment of the AFC Championship and Sam’s Knowledge of Lacrosse Terms.

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