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Frequently Asked Questions —

About Us
Do you have a mailing address?

Green Light Podcast
P.O. Box 5267
Charlottesville, VA 22905

Who are Willie and Zoe Rabbit?

The favorite doggos of Green Light. Zoe Rabbit is Macon’s loveable fox red lab and Willie is Chris’ chocolate lab. They want you to know that any and all safe dog treats and toys can be sent to the mailing address and will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Who is on the pod team?

Nate “Dr. Fax” Collins: Gardner Minshew (7/23/21) and Pat Maroon (7/16/21)
Matt Kingston: The Kid Mero episode (10/20/21), The Chris Herring Episode (1/14/22) 
Taylor: Barkley (6/25/21) and Paul Nicklen (9/22/21)
Cowboy Reid: Ryan McGee (6/12/20) and The Giovanni Episode (12/23/20)

Can I leave a Voicemail for the show?

Yes, please keep messages to less than 2 minutes and keep background noise low.

(202) 991-0723

What is Studio J?

Just a little podcast recording studio in Charlottesville. Chris and Macon have recorded nearly every episode from the famed Studio J and Chris and Macon have certainly made it their own. From the beautiful wood table and shelves to their very own bobble heads, they are excited to share it with you each episode.

How many fingers was Chris born with?

11. He was born with 6 fingers on his left hand.