Freak Show Friday! NFL Midseason Awards, Green Light Presidential Election & Most Attractive US Presidents.

November 11, 2022
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Green Light Presidential Elections

Episode Timestamps

(2:08) - TNTM, Midseason Awards, Looking Back at our Preseason Predictions & the Washington Commanders Blunder.

(40:21) - Political Debate Between Chris and Macon.

(50:03) - We hold an Election to Determine the President & Vice President of the Green Light Podcast, Macon's Most Attractive US Presidents & Ad Men: Political Podcast Attack Ad Edition.

Former NFL’er Chris Long, his best friend Macon, and a cast of several, join forces to bring you an expert look at all things Pro Football & a novice look at everything else. Featuring interviews with the biggest names in sports & entertainment, occasional digressions into the absurd, and frequent lapses in judgement.