Goldberg! Wrestler Bill Goldberg Talks Life in the NFL & the Ring, Movie Career & New Projects.

July 15, 2022
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Jeff Goldblum or Bill Goldberg?

Episode Timestamps

(2:20) - Goldberg on Healing, Pain Management in Wrestling and Football, and Partnership with Gallant Nutrition.

(9:25) - Goldberg’s Time in the NFL: LA Rams and Atlanta Falcons in the 90s, Playing with Deion and Eric Dickerson and Seeing James Brown and MC Hammer at Practice.

(18:35) - Fatherhood and Family, Providing the Right Examples for Your Kids & Marrying a Stuntwoman.

(27:45) - Transition to Wrestling, WWE/WCW Career, PGA Tour Stunt, Toughest Wrestlers and Wrestlers Becoming Fighters.

(42::40) - Commonalities with Wrestlers and Football Players in Retirement and Making that Transition.

(55:22) - Longest Yard, Famous Car Collection and What is Next for Goldberg.

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