Jason Kelce! SB LVII Reaction, New Heights Podcast with Travis Kelce & Eagles Outlook

May 25, 2023
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Is Chris to Thank for New Heights?

Episode Timestamps

(2:41) - Philly Recap after Dark: Chris, Nate, Cowboy and Kingston Recap the Trip to Philly

(22:08) - Jason Kelce talks Nearly Retiring, SB LVII, New Heights Podcast with his Brother Travis and Favorite Podcast Guest

(48:56) - Chris Long and Jason Kelce Discuss the Most misunderstood Eagle of All Time, Getting Angry during New Heights Recordings and on Mount Kilimanjaro, Dream New Heights Guest and Travis Kelce’s Worst Take

(1:10:18) - Kelce Talks Eagles 2023 Draft Class, Plays a Would You Rather Game with Chris Long, Spills the Beans on his Farm Life and Talks About the Potential of HOF Enshrinement

Former NFL’er Chris Long, his best friend Macon, and a cast of several, join forces to bring you an expert look at all things Pro Football & a novice look at everything else. Featuring interviews with the biggest names in sports & entertainment, occasional digressions into the absurd, and frequent lapses in judgement.