Jim Trotter! on Brian Flores & Unequal Head Coaching Opportunities. SB Commercial Pitches & Washington Commanders.

February 4, 2022
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Brian Flores Case

Jim Trotter breaks down how lack of football experience affects owners in hiring head coaches. A great conversation about inequality in the head coach hiring process.

Episode Timestamps

(2:47) - Historical Hello and Layup Line by Committee.

(9:44) - Jim Trotter on Brian Flores' Lawsuit Against the NFL, Rooney Rule, NFL Hiring Practices, Eric Bieniemy and Sherm Lewis and Changes That Could Come.

(39:30) - Washington Announces Commanders Nickname, Super Bowl Uniform Matchups and the Outcome of Groundhog Day's Impact on the Super Bowl.

(53:16) - Chris and Macon Pitch Super Bowl Commercial Ideas.

(1:21:20) - Questions from Around the World.

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