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Pat Maroon! On 3-Peating, Dropping The Cup & NHL Fighting. Chris & 'Dr. Facts' On Revised Sack Numbers & 'Easiest' Olympic Sports.

July 16, 2021
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Episode Timestamps

(01:47) - Hello and College Stories. (15:31) - Layup Line: The Lox and Dipset. (26:52) - Giannis and the Tinkle. (44:04) - Reid Roulette: Richard Sherman, NFL Sack Leaders and Reggie Bush Documentary. (59:00) - Pat Maroon on 3-Peating the Stanley Cup, Boat Parades, Beer at the Press Conference, Playoff Fighting, The Covid Cup and The Difficulty of Repeating as Champions. (1:35:13) - Chris and 'Dr. Facts' Talk 'Easiest' and 'Hardest' Olympic Sports and Preview the Dipset and Lox 'Verzuz' Battle.

Former NFL’er Chris Long, his best friend Macon, and a cast of several, join forces to bring you an expert look at all things Pro Football & a novice look at everything else. Featuring interviews with the biggest names in sports & entertainment, occasional digressions into the absurd, and frequent lapses in judgement.