Ran Carthon! Stanford Steve! New Look Tennessee Titans & Conference Championship Preview & Player Prop Bets.

January 27, 2023
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Ran Carthon is a Genius

Episode Timestamps

(2:15) - Australia Day! Chris & Macon's Favorite Australians, Frank Reich Hired in Carolina & a Special Best Place Ride.

(27:00) - Stanford Steve, Chris & Macon Preview the NFL's Conference Championships, Talk Matchups to Watch, Hit Our Best-Bet Guesses & Go Through Favorite Prop Bets.

(1:26:06) - Mailbag: GL as SNL Characters, Conference Championship Kicker Battle Royale & Macon's Real Estate MFK.

(1:35:58) - Ran Carthon, New GM of the Tennessee Titans, Talks Career Arc & Joining the Front Office of an NFL Franchise, Working for Les Snead, Collaborating with Mike Vrabel & the New Look Titans!

Former NFL’er Chris Long, his best friend Macon, and a cast of several, join forces to bring you an expert look at all things Pro Football & a novice look at everything else. Featuring interviews with the biggest names in sports & entertainment, occasional digressions into the absurd, and frequent lapses in judgement.