Richard Seymour! HOF Election, Playing with Brady & Poker. CBB Bet & the NFL Draft Combine

March 4, 2022
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Richard Seymour

Discussed his Hall of Fame Induction with us and why the Panthers Super Bowl was the most physical game he has ever played!

Episode Timestamps

(2:14) - Hello, Layup Line, DM Tara Reid and GLP College Basketball Bet.

(22:00) - Richard Seymour on Being Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Winning Three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, Career in Oakland and Playing Poker.

(1:03:23) - Chris, Macon, Matt and Taylor Talk Hand Size and Bench Press at the NFL Draft Combine, Most Negatively Tweeted-About People in the NFL, Being a Dog and Sexiest and Least Sexy Names and More!

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