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Tate Frazier & NCAA March Madness! Tom Brady Un-Retires, Winners/Losers, Tatty Champs & Wheels vs Doors.

March 15, 2022
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Tatted Champs?

March Madness is here and the Green Light Podcast has placed some major bets for the tournament. You're given 2 teams at random to win the National Championship. Team 1 can win you the Grand Prize of $2,500.

Team 2 will win you a trip to the tattoo parlor.

The catch? The tattoo has to be related to your Team 2 selection. For Cowboy Reid that means a UCLA Bruin on his butt. Pray for Kingston, he was drawn Gonzaga as his Tattoo Team.

Episode Timestamps

(2:26) - Hello, Layup Line Shuffle and Macon Pays Up Sunbelt Bet.

(17:52) - Tom Brady Returns to NFL.

(28:11) - Green Light Tatty Championship Challenge: Chris, Macon, Nate, Matt, Taylor, Ralph and Reid Receive their Tatty Teams for March Madness. (Our Best Idea Ever).

(43:38) - Tate Frazier Talks to Chris and Macon about the NCAA Tournament, Players to Watch, Bracket Busters and Betting Favorites.

(1:19:03) - Winners and Losers from the Week.

(1:33:26) - Wheels vs Doors, Teeth vs Phalanges and Best Fast Food Fries.

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