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Tony Hawk! Documentary 'Until the Wheels Fall Off,' THE 900 & The Tony Hawk Pro Skater Videogame.

September 21, 2022
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Tony Hawk and Wesley Snipes

Episode Timestamps

(2:18) - Tony and Chris Saw Tupac's Hologram Together and Didn't Know It.

(9:55) - Tony's Documentary 'Until the Wheels Fall Off', THE 900 and the Impact of Tony's Father on his Career.

(22:50) - Dealing with Fame and the Evolution of Skateboarding Tricks.

(31:16) - Skateboarding Bust in the Mid 90s, Tony's Flow State When Skating and How Tricks Are Named.

(42:03) - Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game, Skatepark Code Breaks, Meeting Wesley Snipes and the Success of Skateboarding at the X Games.

(49:05) - Tony's Foundation 'Skate Park Project.'

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